A tool for those who dream of fantastic worlds and the creatures that inhabit them.

Character Customization

An avatar system that lets you fully customize your character's appearance and equipment. Integrated rulesets and character sheets for smooth roleplaying.

Procedural NPC and location Generation

Generate characters, cities, settlements and dungeons. Create NPCs with avatars, personality traits, backstories, and ambitions. Locations with maps, inhabitants, and quest hooks. Customize every result and add your own maps.

Bestiary, diceroller and Journal

A bestiary with hundreds of monsters ready to drop in your adventures. An integrated dice roller with all the dice you'll ever need. A powerful journaling system to record your adventures.

Sytem agnostic and ruleset integration

Supports Ironsworn and 5e.
Also comes with a system agnostic mode that lets you use the character customization, procedural content generation, journaling, bestiary and mapping tools with any RPG ruleset.

If you own the old augur

I sent an email to everyone who bought the old the augur before December 20th, it contains instructions on how to claim this new version without having to buy it. If you did not receive it please send me an email to theaugur88@gmail.com or contact me on Twitter, Facebook, discord or Instagram and I will resend it to you.

Conceived for GMs, Worldbuilders, Solo Players, and Players who want complete avatar customization, superpowered character sheets, journaling, a bestiary with over two hundred entries, and deep mapping systems with procedural generation of NPCs, cities, settlements, and dungeons.

Test the augur on your device before buying

Please test that The Augur can run on your device:

Your browser will display a black screen for a few seconds while The Augur loads. Afterward, a map should load, if your browser crashes when you zoom out or shows a grey screen your device is not compatible.
All features besides map navigation are disabled in this test.

Installing The Augur

The Augur can be played on computers, phones, and tablets. It starts from the browser but it can be installed on your device following these instructions:

Learn how to use the Augur

Overview/Tutorial of playing Ironsworn with The Augur:

General overview: